Meet Expoverse

We’re a New York-based company that strives to create events that separate themselves from traditionally dull and ordinary conventions.

Our founders, who were once exhibitors too, center the participants’ experience by creating exclusive, lively, and dynamic spaces where each interaction results in an educational or professional opportunity.

Our vision for Expoverse, is to stimulate the Web3 and Blockchain industry through powerful and immersive engagement.

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more than 25 inmersive activations

25+Inmersive Activations

more than 15000 attendees


more than 150 speakers


more than 200 vendors


what sets expoverse apart?


Expoverse is bringing together new and top industry players, along with enthusiasts, professionals, and creators in the various fields of blockchain technology, into a wide-reaching mass adoption event.


We’re part of a larger company organizing a wide variety of shows for various alternative industries, with a reinvestment philosophy that reflects on our continued growth and improvement.


We have the tools, resources, and experience to ensure that our events exceed the expectations of our vendors, speakers, and assistants while increasing the ROI of our stakeholders.

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Learn about the Web3 revolution from world-renowned experts, and meet those daring to change our reality.

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