The 5 Best Upcoming NFT Games of 2022

by | Jun 1, 2022 | NFT

Being able to earn money by playing video games is a rare thing or a privilege reserved almost exclusively for top pro players. However, as a new model of blockchain-based video games starts to proliferate, this norm is quickly changing. The introduction of in-game NFTs has paved the way for new game mechanics that allow gamers to monetize their hobby easier than ever before. 

Despite the backlash that some mainstream gaming companies have faced due to the abrupt and somewhat misled introduction of in-game NFTs for video games, many new and veteran companies are finding ways to implement blockchain and P2E game models that truly benefit the gaming experience. The best upcoming NFT games demonstrate that it isn’t just about playing to earn but playing to find true fun and joy while also potentially earning money.


Imagine a game that controls using the flight and shooting mechanics of Anthem (arguably the one redeeming factor of that game despite its failed potential) and the monster-catching focus of games like Pokemon and Temtem. As crazy as this might sound, this is possibly the best description we could give you of the upcoming NFT game Illuvium.

The concept is simple, you run, jump and fly around a fully 3D rendered open world where you discover and catch hundreds of creatures known as illuvials that you can train, customize and equip to fight for you in automated PVP and PVE battles.

Each of these creatures is a unique NFT fully owned by the player, which can be traded, sold, or bought by other players in the game, fully backed by the Ethereum blockchain and without having to pay for gas fees, thanks to the game’s unique integration of Immutable X.  

Besides the illuvials themselves, every item in the game is its own NFT, from weapons and equipment that the player can earn as loot through PVE quests to skins, icons, and even in-game land from the open world. All of this occurs within a spectacular-looking sci-fi alien world that has every bit of the quality of any top AAA games on the market graphically speaking. When it comes to the best NFT games, few have come to the level of polish that Illuvium is promising so far.


Part NFT game and part DeFi platform, Polygonum is an upcoming open-world FPS survival multiplayer game where the value of each item is determined by supply and demand. With players being able to train their unique characters’ skills such as crafting, farming, and battling, the game promises to create a true organic economy for its world, where each item within the game acts as its own unique NFT.

The fun-looking gameplay, which seems to resemble games like Rust and Escape from Tarkov is complemented and contrasted by charming, cartoonish, and colorful 3D graphics, which is a breath of fresh air from the typical brown and grey palettes that these types of games usually have. The lighthearted tone, despite not being for everyone, can be a welcome addition that opens up the possibilities of character customization, which is always a plus for NFT games.

By far the most interesting aspect of Polygonum is its integration of NFTs into an organic economy that’s fully bound to the actions and governance of players. Although similar concepts have been seen in some non-blockchain games like Albion and EVE, we’ve yet to see the potential for it in a fully-fledged NFT game, where earning is an integral part of playing, especially when coupled with some dynamic FPS action.

Guild of Guardians

The dungeon crawler ARPG genre which saw its birth with Blizzard’s masterpiece Diablo has always been known for being fun, addicting, and accessible. The main thing that makes these types of games so compelling is the loot, as there are few things quite as satisfying as watching that rare sword flying off our vanquished enemies, and then watching those sweet numbers go up as we equip our new shiny item. NFTs seem like the perfect fit for a genre that’s all about getting rare loot, and this is what Guild of Guardians is bringing to the table.

Featuring the familiar isometric camera, charming lego-looking graphics, multiplayer explorations, and some intense fast-paced combat, Guild of Guardians looks like an extremely promising addition to the genre, which could more than hold up as a standalone game even without the P2E aspects.

With that said, when the loot rewards players with NFTs that have real tangible value, that makes it all the more enticing to log in and play, and that much more rewarding when you get those rare or legendary items, which can be sold for real money. Guild of Guardians is currently in its open alpha stage, which means players can apply to play a very early build of the game and learn by themselves the potential it has to bring P2E gaming into the mainstream.

Infinite Fleet

Following the tradition of iconic video games like EVE, Infinite Fleet is a spaceship-based MMO where players can engage in massive real-time PVP battles, gather resources, and build their own fleets to create their own narratives within a player-governed world, with the added appeal of having an organic, player-driven economy based on the blockchain.

From the footage and information that have been released so far, Infinite Fleet has everything it takes to become a banger of a video game, with spectacular graphics, tantalizing galaxies to explore, and deep customization for the player’s own unique sheep. And, since this is an NFT game, we truly mean it when we say “own”, as all of the resources gathered by players, as well as the ship parts and other customization assets will be registered in a blockchain and freely tradeable among players, for real money or the in-game cryptocurrency, $INF.

As any decent sci-fi video game should, Infinite Fleet complements its deep strategic gameplay with interesting lore, with entire pages of in-game history written to immerse those interested in a good story, along with its compelling gameplay elements. If its promises are delivered, Infinite Fleet will demonstrate yet again that P2E games aren’t just about fancy monetary models, but fully-fledged gaming experiences. 

Big Time

Made by talents who worked on big-shot franchises such as Fortnite and Call of Duty, Big Time is an action-oriented multiplayer RPG with simple-to-learn but hard-to-master mechanics where players battle across multiple historical scenarios across time and space. The game features 4 unique classes and an engaging combat system fit for fun fast-paced multiplayer action.

With a unique and cartoonish 3D art style, Big Time offers a highly compelling visual experience, in which the multiple classes and scenarios shine as players battle each other. The frantic action is brought to life through fluid animations and customizable characters with their own unique personalities.

When it comes to the P2E model, Big Time doesn’t necessarily do anything new or groundbreaking, but what it does has a high level of polish and a scope that goes beyond that of any existing NFT games before it. Players can earn NFT rewards by battling and winning, including equipment to make their characters more powerful, items to decorate their own personal rooms or “time machines” to hang out with their friends, or collectibles to visually customize their avatars’ appearances. With incredible talents behind it, Big Time is bringing an AAA-quality gaming experience into the blockchain space.

In conclusion

Although it could be said that P2E games are just in their infancy, some of the best upcoming NFT games are demonstrating the evolution that this particular genre and model for video games has seen. With each of them bringing exciting elements to the table, these five games are demonstrating the potential that NFTs have to improve the player experience, with the freedom to truly own their in-game assets, trade them and do with them as they please, making for compelling narratives and interactions within the games. 

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