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  • A Nation

    A-NATION: developing the first tokenized film production company

    Kade, Chuck Russell

    Chuck Russel A-Nation Producer, Kade A-Nation CEO

    A-NATION aims to fundamentally alter how films are financed by utilizing the fast-expanding global crypto ecosystem to produce movies and television shows for a global audience. Filmmakers of all skill levels will be able to express themselves more freely and creatively thanks to A-NATION, and

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  • Meta Money

    What’s next for the Metaverse

    Justin / JChains

    Podcaster / Founder of MetaMoney

    Today we're featuring one of the best podcasters out there... @_MetaMoney_ 🎙️ 💯 🚀⠀ Join us today to hear Justin from Meta Money and what he has to say about the future of the metaverse, NFTs, web3 innovation, and so much more 🤩⠀

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  • Metamori

    BlueChip Communities, beyond the BAYC!



    He's constantly sharing NFT news, discussing interesting topics, and spreading chill vibes within the community, so after we're done with this podcast, go ahead and give him a follow! Want to see metaMori in person? NFT Expoverse at Los Angeles is just around the corner! July 29-31 @ the Los Angeles Convention Center! ⠀

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  • Steven Dufour

    SOLCRAFT, the journey through the Solana Ecosystem

    Steven Dufour

    Marketing director and co-founder of Solcraft

    Solcraft is a Blockchain Real Time Strategy and Play-to-Earn Game set in the fantasy world of Solania! The Solcraft project has a dedicated focus combining art, dynamic gameplay, and innovation within the NFT gaming space.⠀

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  • Stefania Barbaglio

    Identity 3.0: Fashion & The Metaverse

    Stefania Barbaglio

    Founder of Cassiopeia Services and FinancialFox

    Stefania Barbaglio is a fashion-focused entrepreneur who’s all about crypto and trading! Founder of Cassiopeia Services and FinancialFox.

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  • Darcy Donavan

    Drive your business into WEB 3.0

    Darcy Donavan

    CMO of Ecoin Finance

    Darcy Donovan is more than just your regular triple threat! She's an author, producer, philanthropist, and television and film actress featured in hits like Modern Family. In addition, she's also the CMO of Ecoin Finance!

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  • Karim Nurani

    Investing in the future

    Karim Nurani

    Chief Strategy Officer at Linqto

    Linqto is a fantastic platform that simplifies the process of private equity investing. Until today, pre-IPO investment opportunities were reserved exclusively for high-profile accredited investors. Linqto allows a new class of investors to access these equities while reducing costs and saving time through a streamlined and versatile platform.

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  •  Teresa Melvin, Christopher Lyons, Brooklynn Bailey, and Loatchwel Joseph

    Kids of The Metaverse

    Teresa Melvin, Christopher Lyons, Brooklynn Bailey, and Loatchwel Joseph


    These kids are the future of Blockchain technology, but their young age hasn’t stopped them from reaching success today: Welcome Teresa Melvin, Christopher Lyons, Brooklynn Bailey, and Loatchwel Joseph! In this episode, they’ll be going over their creative work, background, favorite video games, how they got into the world of NFTs, and how they imagine the industry will look like when they’re older! So listen up, these trailblazers are proof that anyone under the age of 15 can make the most out of what they love doing the most!

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  • Johnny Edward

    Empowering art through NFTs

    Jonny Edward

    Photographer, creative director, educator and mentor

    Jonny Edward is a photographer, creative director, educator and mentor from Chicago and based in Denver, Colorado. His work ranges from that of the commercial, to the boldly creative, and is now taking over the world of NFT’s. Hear him tell us all about that magical spot where crypto and art come together, in our podcast episode for today!

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  • Jacqueline Cooper

    Dive into blockchain

    Jacqueline Cooper

    CryptoMom2, Author, NFT artist and Blockchain Consultant & Attorney

    This week we speak with Jacqueline Cooper, a.k.a CryptoMom2, Author, NFT artist and Blockchain Consultant & Attorney. She has a podcast on Spotify called CryptoMom2 where she provides information to those who are curious about digital assets as well as those who are more experienced. Join us as we learn more about blockchain, coin markets, wallets and more!

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  • Jake Farmakis

    Authentic NFT displays

    Jake Farmakis

    Head of Sales & Partnerships at Tokenframe

    We’ll go over the importance of having NFT displays at conferences/events and how simple and effective it is to share your collections at any show. Join us as we learn all about Tokenframe and it’s superior tech!

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  • Chase Coleman

    The Enhance Experience : Uniting DeFi

    Chase Coleman

    CEO and co-founder of Hello Enhance

    In this episode we speak with Chase Coleman, CEO and co-founder of Hello Enhance. Chase brings a unique set of skills to the table as CEO. Using those talents, he is on a mission to make the DeFi space accessible to everyone. Join as we learn all about his moves in the crypto space!

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  • Yan Ketelers

    Moving Your Traditional Web 2.0 Business Onto Web 3.0

    Yan Ketelers

    CMO of Venly

    Today we speak with Venly CMO, Yan Ketelers, to talk all about blockchain technology, wallet services, NFTs and more! Join us as we explore Yan’s adventures in the crypto space and web3 community.

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  • Karisa Winett

    Women Leadership in Blockchain and Web 3.0

    Karisa Winett

    Chief of Staff at NFT Genius

    The NFT Expoverse Podcast welcomes Karisa Winett, Chief of Staff at NFT Genius and Co-founder of the concept of BitchMade NFTs and Crypto Bitches. In this episode we go over Karisa’s background and her journey in the crypto space.

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  • Pinar Demirdag

    How AI Will Shape The Metaverse

    Pinar Demirdag

    Co-founder of Seyhan Lee

    Joining us for our third episode is creative mastermind, Pinar Demirdag from Seyhan Lee. In this episode we dive into AI and how it can blend with the metaverse. We also discuss the creative and spiritual potential of AI and how it can be used as a new form of expression.

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  • Rich Cabrera

    The Future Of Gaming: What You Need To Know

    Rich Cabrera

    Co-founder of Ready Player DAO

    Our second episode features Rich Cabrera, Co-Founder of one of the largest web3 gaming DAOs. Ready Player DAO has over 2500 scholars managed by Rich, he also acts as an advisor to many games and invests in them both personally and through Ready Player DAO. Tune in to hear about Rich’s journey with gaming, P2E games, and what’s coming in the future in this exciting space.

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  • Damon Zwarich

    Oracles, Charli3 and the Cardano Blockchain

    Damon Zwarich

    Co-founder and CMO of Charli3

    Kicking off our podcast series, we welcome Damon Zwarich, Co-founder and CMO of Charli3. In this episode, we go over the utility behind oracle and learn about the cardano blockchain.

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